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Selena Gomez Speaks Out About Her Toxic Relationships

One of the more openly emotional artists in the music business, Selena Gomez, has spoken out about her past toxic relationships and how she overcame the pain.

In a recent interview with a popular news source, the singer talked about the tattoos on her neck and how they reminds her of the way she wants to spend her life, stating: “I believe the majority of my romantic experiences have been cursed. When I was in relationships, I was far too young to be exposed to certain things. I think I wanted to figure out what that word was for me since I felt so much less in this relationship than in previous ones, and I never felt truly equal.”

The term “rare” serves as a continuous reminder to Gomez of how she wants to live. “It wasn’t even like, ‘Oh, I’m feeling this way, let me sing it.’ It was almost as if I was saying to myself, “Actually, I need to feel that way about myself.” She said, “I think my family, and my chosen family—I feel like I’m surrounded by real people.”

In a recent newspaper interview Gomez previously discussed how she keeps herself focused on her self-care and mental wellness. “None of what I’m doing now would have resulted from my previous mindset. My finest work is currently in progress. Then there came ‘Lose You to Love Me,’ [her breakup song about Justin Bieber], which was the greatest thing ever in my music.’ “I remember having a moment where I couldn’t believe it because the reactions on the first and second days were insane, and I remember smiling and thinking, ‘That’s why it’s worth it.’ “After all of these years of confusion, love, and all of that, it was finally a clean slate,” she added. “And it wasn’t even because everyone liked it; it was just a realization of why I had to go through everything I had to go through…”.

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Author: Luke Traina

Photo: Tony Feigueiras