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Rosalía Releases Dance Floor-Ready Anthem ‘Despechá’: Look + Listen

Spanish-born superstar Rosalía surprised her fans by dropping the official recording of “Despechá” – a song she recently debuted during her Motomami World Tour.

Addressing themes of female empowerment and liberation that make up the fabric of her critically acclaimed album Motomami, the sultry, club-ready release is a strong contender to become the Song of the Summer, as she sings:

“Baby, no me llames/Que yo estoy ocupá’ olvidando tus males.” “Ya decidí que esta noche se sale/Con todas mis Motomamis/Con todas mis yales.” (“Baby, don’t call me up/’Cause I’m busy forgetting all your wrongs/I’ve already decided I’m going out tonight/With all my Motomamis/With all my girls.”)

Echoing the pervasive anti-work sentiments of Beyoncé’s just released “Break My Soul,” (that finds Queen Bey proclaiming, “I just fell in love, and I just quit my job,”) Rosalía celebrates the joys of abandoning the stresses of the world in favor of a wild night out. “Hoy no trabaja, еsta morena,” she sings, using the Spanish word for dark-haired women. “Fuck la fama, fuck la faena.” (“This morena isn’t working today/Fuck fame, fuck chores”)

In a translated statement about her new song, the singer (born Rosalia Vila Tobella) said “There are many ways to be Despechá.” “In this theme, it is from the freeness or the craziness, moving without reservations or regrets. This is the place from where I make music — from where I did it when I first started and where I will continue to until God says so.” “I’m grateful for having been able to travel in recent years and have learned from music from other places — including the [Dominican Republic], where artists like Fefita La Grande, Juan Luis Guerra and Omega have inspired me and without them this song would not exist.”

Rosalía is currently on tour in Europe and will bring her Motomami World Tour stateside in September launching in Boston (9.15) and wrapping in Miami (10.22.)

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: MTV International