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Richie Hawtin Shares 1996’s ‘CONCEPT 1’ Album 25 Years After Original Release

Richie Hawtin’s ​25-year-old CONCEPT 1 series is now available in its entirety as a digital release in an exclusive album package ​via Bandcamp.

Launched in 1996 CONCEPT 1 was a subscription series that featured a limited run of monthly 12-inch releases that will now be available in individual tracks and complete package (including a bonus cut) form. The re-release is followed by a triple vinyl set and a final drop on all digital streaming platforms. Previously, following its 1996 debut, the collection was reissued in 2007 as a double-CD set.

The 24-song journey showcases one of Hawtin’s most pivotal releases, depicting the producer’s early experimentation of the minimal and acid techno sound of the mid-1990’s. The re-release of CONCEPT 1 ​offers a first time listen to the hypnotic project in complete digital form.

“This release marked a real shift in my production style in 1996, and was the start of a significant chapter in my recording career. Everything was handled independently – from design to distribution to a subscription service to accompany it – so releasing this with Bandcamp now really captures that spirit of the landscape back in the mid-nineties. Concept 1 was recorded in isolation at a time when I was not allowed to enter the USA and with everything going on in the world at this moment, it felt like the right time to finally release this project to a larger audience. Without the year of experimentation around the recording process of Concept 1 in 1995, I would never have gotten to the reduction that I was able to achieve later on the recording style of Plastikman Consumed. In that way this is as an important album for me than any of my Plastikman albums.”

Listen to CONCEPT 1 here.

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