Photo: Abby Gillardi

Pentatonix Combine Two BTS #1 Hits In A Cappella Mashup: Watch + Listen

Proof positive that they’re as smooth as “Butter”, Pentatonix whips a mash-up of two BTS #1 pop hits.

Gliding effortlessly into the a cappella group’s rendition of Korea’s Jung Kook’s hook on “Dynamite,” Scott Hoying slides into the mash-up like a “criminal undercover” through the first verse of “Butter.”

Adding to the creative aspect of the video, the vocal-only group’s colorful jackets and suspended newspaper backdrop takes on a more serious tone once the shoot turns black-and-white, emulating the K-Pop’s official “Butter” music video.

Things return to technicolor when Pentatonix’s Matt Sallee and Mitch Grassi take the lead on “Dynamite” before switching back to black-and-white with the group’s airy “Dyn-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, ayy” harmonies that flow smoothly into “Get it, let it roll!”

Taking to their Twitter account in July, Pentatonix asked their fans in a poll which BTS song they should cover, “Butter” or “Dynamite,” and while the former single received the most votes, the quintet opted to go for broke on both.

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Author: Brad LeBeau

Photo: Abby Gillardi