Marilyn Manson Denies Esmé Bianco Sex Abuse Allegations

On Friday (April 30), Game of Thrones actor Esmé Bianco filed a formal lawsuit against Marilyn Manson, claiming sexual, physical, and emotional harassment.

According to the complaint brought in federal court in Los Angeles.Bianco claims that Manson breached sex trafficking laws by taking her to California from England under the false pretenses of appearances in music videos and movies that never materialized.

Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, allegedly flew Bianco to Los Angeles in 2009 to film a video for the song “I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies,” according to the complaint.

According to the lawsuit, Bianco was supposed to stay at Manson’s house instead of the hotel she had reserved, and there was no team, only Manson shooting with his phone.

According to the lawsuit, Manson robbed Bianco of food and sleep by giving her alcohol and narcotics, locking her in a cell, whipping her, shocking her with electric shocks, forcing her to have sex with another woman, and threatening to go to her room and rape her during the night. There was never a video made available.

Howard E. King, Manson’s lawyer, responded: “These claims are provably false. To be clear, this suit was only filed after my client refused to be shaken down by Ms. Bianco and her lawyer and give in to their outrageous financial demands based on conduct that simply never occurred. We will vigorously contest these allegations in court and are confident that we will prevail.”

According to the lawsuit, Manson and Bianco started a long-distance relationship later in 2009.

“It took Ms. Bianco years to understand the extent of Mr. Warner’s physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse. Her career suffered due to the deterioration of her mental health,” According to the lawsuit. “She deals with complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks to this day as a result.”

The Associated Press does not usually name those who claim to have been sexually abused, but Bianco said in a statement that she is going forward openly to air her claims in the expectation that others will follow suit.

The claims, according to Manson’s lawyer, are “provably false.”

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Photo: Livioandronico2013