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Latin Superstar Thalia Releases ‘Psycho B**ch’: Look + Listen

The moment Latin pop queen Thalia heard the retro Disco rhythm for what would eventually become “Psycho B**ch,” she immediately fell in love, but once she and her co-writers created the lyrics, she felt something wasn’t quite right, stating “I was like, ‘No, this doesn’t match the music and it doesn’t match me right now. Hold on, I have to start again.’”

To re-think the words the Mexican chanteuse (born Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda) went into her room and started blasting the track. “I was just dancing in my bathroom. I was just dancing, and then I was like, ‘Wow. I feel like a freaking psycho. Yes! I’m a fucking psycho bitch! That’s what I am!’” “It was liberating,” she says. “It was a happy moment. It was freedom. It was just like, ‘It’s okay to have days like this and emotions like this.’ And it’s good to open the conversation.”

Just released, ‘Psycho Bitch’, is an upbeat, electro-pop dance floor banger that shows Thalia embracing her most carefree side and fits within the empowering music she’s released throughout her career ever since she was a kid in the 80s. Ultimately becoming one of the biggest telenovela stars and one of the most prolific artists in the Latin entertainment industry, the Latin superstar is more excited than ever about what she’s doing.

“Music definitely is medicine for the soul,” she says. “I sing very strong ballads and I sing a lot of party anthems. It’s just a matter of validating emotions. We wake up every day with different emotions and every day brings you the opportunity to have a new story and to write a new chapter in your life.”

Prior to its formal release, “Psycho B**ch” connected with fans courtesy of a short clip she released on TikTok that went viral, with end-users interpreting the song in their own unique ways. “You can see how everybody’s taking it and I just love it,” she says.

A bubbly video featuring a glittering disco ball and fun choreography was bound to excite listeners, or as she said with a laugh “The disco ball was crazy!” “I think it took two weeks or something to build that thing, and it was really cool.” She also included subtle references to her prior work with the dancers wearing costumes that are a tribute to her famed “Gracias a Dios” video from the Nineties. “That character [in the video] was psychotic. She was crazy, so that was a perfect match for the song and the visuals.” “I want everyone to feel happy, free, and to have fun.” “We need to clear ours mind a little bit. And this songs allows us to be a little silly, and adds a little spice.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: JWJ Ferguson