Photo: Sean Reynolds

Labrinth & Billie Eilish Drop ‘Never Felt So Alone’: Look + Listen

Celebrating the release of their new musical alliance, on Friday (4.07) Labrinth and Billie Eilish dropped the music video for “Never Felt So Alone.”

The clip follows the artistic duo and others as they’re chained to a structure and unable to break free as the camera captured hallucinogenic shots of the two singers trading verses.

Unlike the majority of Labrinth’s original repertoire and collabs with leading lady Zendaya and a handful of guest artists for the official soundtrack. “Never Felt So Alone” has remained unreleased sinceEuphoria‘s last 2022 installment on HBO Max.

Airing on Friday (4.07,) Lab said in an interview with Eddie Francis on Apple Music 1’s New Music Daily show “I’ve been a fan of Billie for a long time.” “I think she’s an amazing artist. I remember Noah [Cyrus] was doing some of the same shows Billie was in that time, and everybody kept on coming back talking about this Billie Eilish girl.”

It wasn’t until Labrinth sent “Never Felt So Alone” to Eilish that he discovered that she was been a fan of his for as long as he’d been following her. “Once I started piecing the song together, I was just like, “Do you know what? I think this is the moment where I think Billie would be a sick addition,’” the “Mount Everest” musician said. “When we spoke, she was like, ‘Lab, I’ve been listening to your music for years.” I was like, ‘What?’ It was like, ‘Billie? What? You?’ She was like, ‘Yeah, been a fan.’ She was like, ‘I love this song as well, so I would love to do it with you.’”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Sean Reynolds