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Kanye West Settles With Donna Summer Estate

After he was accused of the unauthorized use of one Donna Summer‘s most iconic singles, Kanye West has reportedly reached a settlement with the legendary Disco queen’s estate.

After they were initially denied permission, a legal battle ensued in February when West and fellow rapper Ty Dolla $ign dropped their Vultures 1 album that included the track ‘Good (Don’t Die).’ Upon its release, the estate of Summer (who passed away in 2012 at the age of 63) accused the rappers of stealing a sample of her 1977 smash hit ‘I Feel Love.’

Sharing a status report filed on Wednesday (5.15) in a Los Angeles court, according to Rolling Stone a “global agreement” has been reached between the parties that stated “Plaintiff anticipates that the final settlement agreement can be executed shortly, and soon thereafter, the parties will be in a position to file a stipulation for dismissal of the action in its entirety.” “In the unlikely event the parties are unable to conclude the settlement by June 14, 2024, plaintiff intends to diligently prosecute the action against all defendants. As such, plaintiff requests that dismissal not be entered at this time.”

Once Donna’s estate launched a copyright infringement suit, the collaborative rap track was removed from streaming versions of the Vultures 1 full length and it is uncertain as to whether or not ‘Good (Don’t Die)’ will return online following the update.

Summer’s widower Bruce Sudano was outraged when West and Ty, (born Tyrone William Griffin Jr,) sampled the late singer’s track after usage was originally denied. And in the legal action, Donna’s former spouse stated “This lawsuit… is about the rights of artists to decide how their works are used and presented to the public, and the need to prevent anyone from simply stealing creative works when they cannot secure the right to use them legally.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Nobel_Peace_Price_Concert_2009_Donna_Summer1.jpgHarrywad derivative work: Wiki Oh Land (talk)