Photo: Joe Bielawa from MInneapolis, USA

Justin Bieber + NHL + Adidas 2024 All-Star Jerseys

In preparation for the 2024 NHL All-Star jersey collection, the National Hockey League (NHL) and Adidas have collaborated with Justin Bieber‘s fashion brand Drew House.

On Saturday (1.13), the hockey organization confirmed that the new jersey designs will be worn by the league’s players during the NHL All-Star Game at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena on February 3.

The 2024 NHL All-Star collection includes four versions of the shirt in four colors: blue, red, yellow and white, one for each All-Star team. The NHL shield will feature bubble letters and enlarged dimensions, and the crest is one of the largest to be included on a NHL jersey.

Not the first time the three brands have aligned creative forces, the NHL, Adidas and Bieber’s Drew House line previously collaborated on a reversible alternate jersey for the Maple Leafs.

About their latest joint effort, NHL’s chief brand officer and senior executive VP, Brian Jennings said “After the tremendous success of our first NHL, Adidas and Drew House collaboration for the Maple Leafs’ Next Gen jerseys, we have looked forward to another opportunity to bring a bold, fashion forward look to NHL jerseys.” “The All-Star Weekend in Toronto is the perfect setting for a fresh perspective on the All-Star jersey. The vibrant colors in this year’s All-Star collection are both youthful and classic and offer the perfect complement to the young NHL talent set to meet in Toronto for this year’s NHL All-Star Weekend.”

Nic Corbett, director of sports marketing and hockey at Adidas, added: “Since our inaugural year of collaboration with the NHL, Adidas has not only elevated but redefined the benchmarks for performance, sustainability, storytelling and design inherent in the iconic NHL All-Star jersey. This season, our partnership with the NHL and Drew House presents a distinctive opportunity to transcend conventional uniform design, seamlessly merging the realms of sport and youth culture. The added layer of enthusiasm stems from the fact that this extraordinary event unfolds in a hockey-obsessed market, amplifying the excitement to unprecedented heights.”

The NHL All-Star jerseys are currently available for purchase through and, along with other online and physical retailers. And the Toronto Maple Leafs and the city of Toronto will host the 2024 NHL All-Star Weekend from February 1-3.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Joe Bielawa from MInneapolis, USA