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Jennifer Lopez & Maluma Release Behind-The-Scenes ‘Marry Me’ Video: Look + Listen

On Friday (3.18) Jennifer Lopez and Maluma released the backstage-look video for “Marry Me,” the recent rom-com’s title track that follows the singers as they reprise their movie roles as Kat Valdez and Bastian.

Providing an inside look at how they prepared for their on screen personas, the video opens with Lopez singing the first few notes of the song’s chorus in a recording booth: “Marry me, marry me, say yes/Marry me, marry me, say yes/For the rest, the rest of your life.”

Midway into the track, Maluma shares his verse in Spanish “Si me das tu mano, te lo juro por mi vida que seré file/Y aunque pasen cosas buenas y cosas malas, yo siempre estaré/Cuidándote.” (translated “If you give me your hand, I promise to always be loyal/Even if good and bad things happen I’ll always be here/Taking care of you.”)

A week ahead of the film’s premiere on Peacock, Lopez and Maluma released the album’s soundtrack with Jennifer stating: ‘You can’t have a movie about two pop stars who are performing and not have a soundtrack,” “But the album was really difficult because I wasn’t making a J.Lo album. I was writing songs for the story.”

In a recent Rolling Stone interview the quadruple-threat artist discussed how she’s had to “take my career in my own hands” by producing some of her own films, such as Marry Me and Hustlers, via her company Nuyorican Productions. “I don’t even know half the movies when they come out at the end of the year,” she said. “I have the top agents in the world, but [those projects] don’t come to me.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: MTV International