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Harry Styles Releases ‘As It Was’ Video: Watch It Now

Courtesy of Columbia Records, Harry Styles has just released the music video for his new single “As It Was.”

In the visual for the single from his forthcoming album ‘Harry’s House’, the superstar singer/writer goes on a dancing spree atop a giant turntable, in a swimming pool, and on brick city streets as he sings the chorus, “In this world, it’s just us / You know it’s not the same as it was.”  And in the lyrics, “Leave America, two kids, follow her,” Styles seemingly references his current relationship with Olivia Wilde.

“As It Was” also included vocals from his rumored goddaughter, Ruby Winston, the 5-year old daughter of Harry’s friend Ben Winston who earned a credit for “Other” contributions on the track, which opens with a child’s voice saying, “Come on, Harry, we wanna say good night to you.”

The Sony Music song’s debut marks the first release from the former One Direction member’s upcoming album Harry’s House. On March 23, Harry shocked his fans by announcing the impending arrival of his third studio album by releasing an album trailer which showed shots of people and places from a city street to an empty theater.

The 13-song ‘Harry’s House’ collection will be released on May 20.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: rebeccascolley