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Florence And The Machine Release ‘Heaven Is Here’: Look + Listen

In their new song “Heaven Is Here,” Florence and the Machine deliver a furious knockout blow with the video.

In a statement about the project, Florence Welch said “Heaven …” was the first song she wrote during the pandemic lockdown after not being able to get into the studio for an extended period of time. “I wanted to make something monstrous.” “And this clamor of joy, fury, and grief was the first thing that came out. With dance studios also shut it was my dream to one day create choreography with it. So it’s one of the first pieces of music I have made specifically with contemporary dance in mind.”

In the “Heaven Is Here” music video, directed by Autumn de Wilde, the lead singer was able to pair the song with dance courtesy of Ryan Heffington’s choreography.

In a statement accompanying the YouTube video, Florence mentioned that two of the featured dancers “are currently sheltering” amidst Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. “[T]o my brave and beautiful sisters Marine and Nastia — I love you,” Welch said. “I wish I could put my arms around you.”

“Heaven Is Here” follows Florence and the Machine’s recent track, “King,” that was released at the end of February. 

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Marie