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Figure Skater Alysa Liu Closes Olympics To K-Pop Music

As part of the Olympic figure skating exhibition gala, teenage figure skating sensation Alysa Liu brought K-pop to China on the last day of the 2022 Winter Olympic games . Though the two-time U.S. champion placed seventh overall in the controversial women’s event, the 16-year old was invited to participate in the gala, typically reserved only for medallists.

After the gala performance during the last day of the 2022 Beijing games, Liu, who often posts about her love for K-pop on social media, took to Instagram, writing “MY FAVORITE GALA PROGRAM IVE EVER DONE AND I GOT TO SKATE TO ITZY?!!?!! this is actually insane. this is such a great way to end the olympics!! i couldn’t be happier.”

According to reports, Liu had no exhibition program prepared, but she was able to organize a last-minute routine, skating to one of her favorite groups. Performing in front of a reduced capacity crowd at Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing, her upbeat choreography and an ending pose inspired by ITZY’s video for “LOCO,” racked up a whopping 151 million views on YouTube.

Liu made history in 2019 when the then-14-year-old became youngest ladies national champion in U.S. figure skating history. Known for her trademark triple axel, the skater added to her repertoire recently, becoming the first American female skater to successfully land a quadruple lutz — a casual four revolutions in the air.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Luu