Photo: Jørund Føreland Pedersen

Faithless Frontman Maxi Jazz: Dead At 65

The DJ and singer who served the front man for the British dance act Faithless – known for such hits as “Insomnia” and “We Come 1” – Maxi Jazz has died at the age of 65.

Taking to the social media on Saturday (12.24,) Faithless announced Maxi’s passing, writing that he “died peacefully in his sleep last night.” “He was a man who changed our lives in so many ways. He gave proper meaning and a message to our music. He was a lovely human being with time for everyone and wisdom that was both profound and accessible.”

Born Maxwell Fraser in London, Jazz emerged from the English club scene in the 1980s as a deejay on pirate radio and founder of the Soul Food Cafe System. He subsequently formed Faithless along with producer-instrumentalist-DJ Rollo Armstrong, keyboardist-DJ Sister Bliss and singer-songwriter Jamie Cotto. An assemblage of musical influences, their record company described the act’s debut album “Reverence” (1996,) as “folk-house-hip-hop-blues-ambience-jazz-rap for the dance floor and sofa.”

Though the act’s first full length was not an immediate hit, it eventually garnered such a worldwide following that Faithless went on to global popularity through its dynamic stage performances and LPs including “Outrospective” and their greatest hits collection “Forever Faithless.”

Faithless disbanded in 2011, but reunited recently, without Jazz, who had since formed Maxi Jazz & The E-Type Boys.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Jørund Føreland Pedersen