Dua Lipa
Photo: Justin Higuchi

Dua Lipa Delighted With SNL Spoof: Look + Listen

Concurrent wit being sued by several songwriters for copyright infringement for ‘Levitating,’ Dua Lipa was delighted that Oscar Isaac gave a live reading of Dua Lipa fan fiction during this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live.

Shared a clip of one of the SNL host’s sketch the super pop star wrote “adds to list of things I never thought would happen in my life.”

During the March 5 televised sketch, one of the actor’s characters was Michael, a school janitor who interrupts an evening writing workshop by sharing his own love of books and a story he’s been working on, “The Apogee of Midnight.” He reads aloud a tale of a janitor who’s alone in a school at night and approached by a woman who says she’s been looking for him:

“My name is Dua Lipa,” says the woman in the story. “I’m a big pop star, and I’m looking for a janitor here named Mike.” “The janitor paused. That was his name. Dua Lipa sighed. ‘You haven’t heard of me, have you?’ ‘Sorry, ma’am. More of a classic rock guy, myself — but sure, maybe I’ve seen a bikini pic or two.’” The fantasy moves along quickly as Dua Lipa becomes “fast friends” with Mike the janitor and asks him to teach her how to make out. “I’ve never done it before,” she says in his story.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Justin Higuchi