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Drake’s 6-Year Old Son Drops Debut Single

On Sunday (10.05,) Drake‘s six-year-old Adonis released his very first single.

Born Aubrey Graham, the iconic rapper who shares Adonis with Sophie Brussaux, took to social media and posted the music video for his young son’s ‘My Man Freestyle’ single on Instagram, along with the caption “Happy birthday my son…MY MAN FREESTYLE OUT NOW,” addressing Adonis’ October 11 trip around the sun.

Credited as a writer on the song (alongside producer Lil Esso,) Adonis raps, “I was waiting for this moment to arrive, I was driving in the car and I smash my car, I was playing in on my iPad and I broke my iPad, I’m going to my house, seeing my dad, I am saying hi to my dad and I have to go change, I’m playing basketball.”

The music video for the song follows the youngster as he plays basketball and gives the team a pep talk, by saying, “We just have to work harder. We have to shoot better. We have to play better. Get your energy up.” 

Drake, makes a cameo appearance in a sports press conference scene alongside his son. 

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Lunchbox LP