Photo: Jason Persse

Dr Dre Had 3 Post Surgery Strokes

Following his 2021 brain aneurysm, Dr Dre stated that he had a series of three strokes.

Born Andre Romell Young, the superstar rapper/entrepreneur was hospitalized three years back for a brain aneurysm, and revisiting that time in his life, Dre revealed suffering a series of strokes while still in the hospital.

In a new episode of SiriusXM’s This Life of Mine with James Corden podcast, the billionaire musician stated:

“It’s just something that you can’t control that just happens and during those two weeks, I had three strokes.” “Nobody could give me an answer.” “I had no idea that I had high blood pressure or anything like that because I’m on my health s**t. I’m lifting weights, I’m running, I’m doing everything I can to keep myself healthy.”

Adding a warning to other men about having their blood-pressure levels checked, Andre said “High blood pressure in Black men, that’s just what it is. They call it the silent killer.” “You just have no idea, so you know, you have to keep your s**t checked.”

Dre ended by stating that the event gave him a renewed focus on living, saying health scares, “definitely makes you appreciate being alive that’s for sure.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Jason Persse