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Don Omar + Cosculluela Drop ‘Bandidos’: Look + Listen

No longer at odds with one another, Don Omar and Cosculluela have compromised with ‘Bandidos,’ their first-ever collaboration set over a dramatic rhythm allowing each Reggaeton artist room to shine while settling their feud.

In a statement about the collaboration, Omar said “It has been a great journey to collaborate with Cosculluela on this song.” “He was the one who approached me, and I have to say that the result was beyond what we expected. The energy that we put behind our previous beef was used to come up with this very explosive song. And it does not stop here; I have a couple more surprises.” “Bandidos,” Don explained, sees the introduction of “new rhythms, much lyricism, and dissing, to continue setting the pace for the genre.” 

About his experience, Cosculluela added: “When I spoke to William to get together, I knew the result would be another success. ‘Bandidos’ has that lyric and that rhythm that our fans expect.” 

In 2022, Cosculluela targeted Villano Antillano and Tokischa in support of fellow rapper Omy de Oro. In his transphobic and homophobic verbal attack, the Hispanic artist accused the duo of setting a “bad example” for youngsters while calling them a Puerto Rican gay slur. 

Less interested in adding to the controversy Omar told Rolling Stone “One of the things I’m most grateful for is knowing who my friends are and are not.” “I’m focusing my energy on my friends, not my enemies. If my enemies want problems? OK, let’s have problems. [But] I am not looking for problems. I am looking for the people who love me.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Lunchbox LP