Photo: Vértes György (fotóriporter)

David Bowie Climate Change Reworked

In support of a new climate change full length project, Brian Eno is reworking ‘Get Real,’ his “powerful” David Bowie collaboration.

During the 1990s ‘1. Outside’ sessions, Eno initially recorded the title with Bowie (who passed away at the age of 69 in 2016) and his new re-imagined version features recordings of hyenas and wild pigs in tandem with the theme of the new release.

During his ‘Midnight Chats’ podcast interview, the now 75-year-old musician and songwriter said:

“Well, I’ve got a number of recordings of different animals here. I wanted big, slightly menacing animals in the song. Not birds and wind and things like that. So I tried a Siberian tiger, that was a bit too overwhelming. I tried some rooks. I’ve always loved rooks, but they sounded like ducks in that context, which is not quite the same message. And the two I’ve settled on and I’m working with at the moment – I haven’t finished this piece yet – are hyenas and wild pigs.” “It’s a powerful song. Very good lyrics. And with this new kind of container that we’re putting it in of being a song about relationship with the Earth, I think it really works.”

Certain that Bowie would approve of the new re-produced project, Eno added:

“The wild pigs sound really good. They’re in a kind of frequency range which is quite hard to fit into the music, but I’m working on that. So yes we’ll have David, Bri and some wild pigs!” “He would have loved it. Yeah, he’d say: ‘Sounds good to me, Bri. I think we should go ahead with that’.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Vértes György (fotóriporter)