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Daft Punk’s 5th Studio LP: Unreleased

According to the musical duo’s session drummer, Quinn, Daft Punk‘s as yet unreleased fifth studio full length remains in “limbo.” And it’s been said that the iconic musicians Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are working on releasing the follow-up to ‘Random Access Memories’ to fans.

In an interview with the student-run television show ‘ 26:46,’ Quinn said “I keep checking in. I’m told they’re working on it.” “Thomas had this keyboard, and actually had a computer program, and he was just experimenting. He was just hitting things. We were literally just trying to get vibes across.”

Though the drummer made a unique contribution to the record, he has no idea if it will make the final cut, adding “I remember playing this one thing — my piano board, the insides of a piano — I put my kick pedal on the strings and played it like a kick drum. I remember those guys really loving that. I don’t know if it’ll make the record. It was the craziest, weird-sounding things.”

A wind musician and guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. were also part of the project, stating “That unnamed record, I think will be a lot of spontaneous things.”

In 2023 the Parisian electronic pioneers released the 10th-anniversary reissue of their seminal 2013 album ‘Random Access Memories’ after the duo officially announced their separation in 2021 following 28 years together.

In typically mysterious fashion the the Frenchmen released ‘Epilogue,’ the dramatic video where the pair were seen wearing their trademark space helmets and leather jackets, when one of them looked at the other and revealed an energy pack on their back. His fellow musician pushed a button on the pack that created an explosion. The 8:00 long video clip cut to an image captioned “1993-2021” before the scene transitioned to a setting sun.

Concerns about the increased the use of AI in music precipitated the demise of Daft Punk with Thomas saying “As much as I love this character, the last thing I would want to be, in the world we live in, in 2023, is a robot.”

Last April, Bangalter unveiled ‘Mythologies,’ his solo orchestral ballet score and also revealed his face during interviews.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Docking Bay 93