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David Guetta Denies Playing Pre-Recorded Sets

Because he sincerely believes his job involves “reading the crowd and connecting to them,” David Guetta has rebuffed allegations from fellow deejays like Deadmau5 that “every DJ” is spinning a “pre-recorded set.”

In a recent interview, the now 56-year-old French deejay/producer/artist (born Pierre David Guetta) told Britain’s Daily Star:

“I was looking online at Deadmau5 who was saying every DJ, including me, is playing a pre-recorded set.” “I won’t speak for other people, but I’ve never done that. You often see comments from people that I do this, but it’s not true. I love DJ-ing, and DJ-ing is about reading the crowd and connecting to them.”

Admitting that there are times when one can “pre-pare mash-ups or edits,” Guetta finds the curation of music process is a huge part of any show, adding “I can prepare mash-ups or edits ahead of time that would sound but better than if I did it live, but for me programming and selecting records according to the crowd is 70 per cent of the job.”

The EDM superstar, and father to son Tim (now 19,) and daughter Angie, (now 16,) with his ex-wife Cathy Lobe, forever wrestled with the notion of focusing on the music to play and the spectacle he presents, and it was seeing fellow electro duo Daft Punk live that inspired him to up his visuals.

“I would go to see a show like Daft Punk’s Pyramid show and I was like, ‘This is amazing. Should I sacrifice being a DJ to have such an amazing show?” “I always refused to do it, and I was very frustrated, but now I get to have the best of both worlds, which is to really DJ and to have to a perfect show simultaneously.” said Guetta.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Global Stomping