Photo: Justin Higuchi

Country Star Lola Kirke Strolls Naked In New Video: Look + Listen

In the new music video for her song ‘All My Exes Live in L.A,’ British actress-turned-country artist Lola Kirke struts her stuff bare naked through Nashville, Tennessee.

With Kirke leaving the West Coast with trail of men behind, the song title is clearly a spin off of George Strait’s “All My Ex’s Live in Texas,” as she sings “All my exes live in L.A./So I’ma make like George and head straight/For the mountains or the desert or my mama’s or anywhere else.”

In a statement about her composition, Kirke described “All My Exes … ” as a song about “freedom and liberation” that’s also “quite tongue-in-cheek,” supported by a one-shot video that follows Lola as she strolls down Gallatin Avenue in East Nashville, while taking off her clothes, and skipping down the road naked as cars speed by. 

“All My Exes Live in L.A.” preempts Kirke’s upcoming EP, Country Curious, which will arrive 2.16.24, that’s produced by Elle King and, along with First Aid Kit, features a guest appearance from Rosanne Cash.

Her forthcoming collection follows the singer’s 2022 LP, Lady for Sale, which marked her first major foray into country music. In an interview with Rolling Stone around the album’s release, Kirke spoke about falling in love with country’s simplicity and slowly gaining a deeper appreciation for the genre.

“I think I was just drawn to how easy the songs were initially because there were three chords or whatever.” “Literally, I was like, ‘Oh, I can play these.’ And through that ease, discovered a deeper love of country music. Also, there’s a lot of parallels with being an actress and being a country singer or singing country. So many of the women in country music, they’re telling these stories and embodying characters and also wearing costumes in a really incredible way. There was all this room for drama within country that was really exciting to me as an actor.”

In addition to the new single and album, Lola Kirke will embark on a North American tour late-August that runs from 8.25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, through 9.15 in Louisville, Kentucky, with another run of shows starting 11.01 in San Francisco and wrapping on 11.11 in Austin.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Justin Higuchi