Photo: rhysadams from Derby, United Kingdom

Britney Spears Streams Increase After Book Release

Concurrent with the release of her much-talked-about memoir The Woman in Me, streams for Britney Spears‘s music catalog recognized a 24% uptick. 

When details in the book started to surface last week – including her abortion after getting pregnant from her then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake – online listens climbed steadily and the streams grew by some 23% the following day. As of Wednesday (10.25,), Spears garnered approximately 16,000,000 streams and overall sales increased by 80%+

Sales for The Woman In Me memoir hit the top of Amazon’s Best Sellers book list, with Spears claiming last week that the book became the bestselling celebrity memoir of all-time after release day. In addition to the written version, Michelle Williams provided the voice of Spears for the memoir’s audio book. 

Notwithstanding her abortion claims, Britney’s book revealed bombshells and insights from the superstar musicians life, concerning the controversial conservatorship she was under for years prior to 2021, that turned her into a “child-robot,” and feeling betrayed by her sister Jamie Lynn who told her to stop fighting it.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: rhysadams from Derby, United Kingdom