Photo: Ed Webster

Bad Bunny Wrestles During WWE: Look + Listen

During WWE’s Royal Rumble event on Saturday (1.29) at the Dome in St. Louis, wrestling enthusiast Bad Bunny made a surprise return to the ring.

According to the WWE, the Latin superstar singer/songwriter was the 27th person to enter the ring during the 30-wrestler event, with the musician (born ?) eliminating a pair of WWE stars (Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler) while spending seven minutes in the ring.

Unfortunately for Bad Bunny and the remaining wrestlers, the 30th person to enter the Royal Rumble was Brock Lesnar, who quickly eliminated the six remaining contestants including the Hispanic rapper, who Lesnar body-slammed and then tossed out of the ring.

Bad Bunny, WWE’s former 24/7 Champion, made his Royal Rumble debut in 2021 when he sang “Booker T” – inspired by the wrestler of the same name – at that event, and followed it up by entering the Rumble itself “splash” off the top rope to attack the Miz. A few months later, Bunny and the Miz again faced off at WrestleMania 37, with the Puerto Rican singer and his tag-team partner Damian Priest defeating the Miz and John Morrison. That marked Bad Bunny’s last WWE appearance until Saturday’s Royal Rumble.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Ed Webster