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American Idol Contestant Sings Into A Broom: Look + Listen

TikTok singer Abigail Brooks swept the judges off their feet, when she auditioned for American Idol by singing into a broom.

The 21-year-old is from Castle Rock, CO, is a barista by day, and said that some folks sing into combs, but. “I sing into a broom because I always like to have the effect that I’m singing for a crowd and that it’s a big deal,” she explained in the preamble. “It also gave me a sense of comfort.”

Wearing a bucket hat, overalls and glasses, Brooks admits she’s an older soul, and for her performance, she delivered a theatrical version of Don McLean’s “Vincent,” into a long handled brush.

“Very interesting,” remarked Luke Bryan. “You’re just a great singer of that style of music.”

Lionel Richie made her day when told the contestant, “I can’t wait to call Barbra and tell her about you,” as he delivered a second “yes”.

Katy Perry went as far as to say Brooks was a “one in a hundred.” and “Clean up the competition,” giving Abigail a third “yes” and a spot in Hollywood Week.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: radiofan at English Wikipedia