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Willie Nelson Misses Opening Gig On Doctor’s Orders

According to his doctor’s orders, Willie Nelson was forced to miss the opening shows of his joint tour with Bob Dylan.

Now 91-years-old, the iconic country music singer/songwriter was scheduled to launch the ‘Outlaw Music Festival Tour’ in Atlanta on Friday (6.21.24), but was forced to pull out of the show, as well as other dates in Charlotte and Raleigh.

In place of his father, Willie’s songs will be performed by son Lukas Nelson who’ll be treating the audience to a “special set” with the formal online statement reading:

“We regret to inform you that Willie Nelson is not feeling well and, per doctor’s orders, has been advised to rest for the next four days.” “He is expected to make a quick recovery and join the Outlaw Music Festival tour next week.” “In the meantime, Lukas Nelson and the Family Band, along with a few guests, will perform a special set to include Willie’s classics and other songs.”

In a late-2023 interview, Willie admitted being amazed that his career has lasted so long and when asked how he has maintained such longevity and relevance, he said:

“I don’t [know] either. I have the energy to do it and the desire…” “I haven’t quit. I’m 90, maybe I should.” “I quit every night. After every tour, I say this is it. And then I get the urge again to go back,” 

Practicing martial arts every day gives Nelson “confidence” with him adding “I don’t have to worry about anything.”

A long time advocate of marijuana use, earlier this year the music legend revealed that he has quit drinking and smoking to extend his life, telling People magazine of his abstinence: “That’s added a few days to my life, I’m sure.”

Admitting that his hearing is “not the best” any more but he still feels young at heart, he said “I still have a good time.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: rufusowliebat