Photo: Photograph by Erin Cazes; The Come Up Show from Canada

SZA Removes Breast Implants

Now 34- years old, SZA confirmed that she had her implants removed due to a high risk of breast cancer and her battle with fibrosis.

Hosted by former fashion designer and entrepreneur Mary Alice Haney and board-certified gynaecologist Dr Thais Aliabadi, during a recent episode of the S.H.E. MD podcast, the superstar singer/songwriter (born Solána Imani Rowe) revealed that her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and her aunt had undergone a mastectomy, stating:

“When I got my boobs done, my doctor took out some of my fibrosis, but.. there was so much fibrosis, it was crazy.” “And he took it out. And so, when I went back, a lot of the concerns were gone.” “I like seeing somebody spiritual about it, specifically the breast cancer situation and the marker before I had the results of the biopsy and all that, I had talked to somebody, because I was like, I got to figure out what’s going on in the higher realms…”

Confessing that she should’ve spoken to Dr Aliabadi prior to the implants, she “snuck and got it anyways” and added “I have markers in my breast, like metal markers in my breast for these fibrosis, for these lumps or whatever, I’m not supposed to be getting breast implants….”

With fibrosis responsible for her ultimate decision for the removal surgery, the R&B chanteuse said “So basically, I put them in. They ended up hurting me,” she explained. “I got way too much scar tissue because my breasts are too dense and I’m not supposed to have breast implants. And so I ended up getting extra fibrosis like with tissue, whatever, and I didn’t feel good and it was painful. So, I took them out, and now, they’re just my boobs.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Photograph by Erin Cazes; The Come Up Show from Canada