Photo: Raymond McCort

Public Enemy’s Flava Flav Narrowly Escapes Death While Driving

While driving from Las Vegas to his home in Los Angeles during a winter storm, former Public Enemy rapper Flava Flav narrowly missed a collision with a giant boulder that suddenly came rolling down a cliffside.

In a photo obtained by E! News, Flav’s white Audi experienced serious damage and was hauled away by a tow truck. And in a statement from his manager “He is very fortunate to be alive and realizes it was an extremely close call.” “It was a boulder approximately 5 to 6 feet in diameter.”

Flavor Flav

Following the near-fatal incident, Flav told TMZ that he “came very close to death” but later arrived safely at his home.

While many know Flav as the man who helped Chuck D launch Public Enemy in 1985, the rapper’s recently focused on other projects, including a YouTube series called The Flavor Flav Show where the celebrity artist talks to his close friends in the industry and interviews fellow musicians.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Raymond McCort