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Pharrell Teases Miley Cyrus Collab

During Louis Vuitton’s men’s show at Paris Fashion Week, Pharrell Williams played his recently leaked ‘Doctor’ collaboration with Miley Cyrus.

On Tuesday (1.16,) the record producer/menswear creative director for the French fashion house made the autumn/winter showcase about style and music when he played what is believed to have been a previously unreleased track from Miley’s 2013 album ‘Bangerz,’ a new collaboration ‘Good People’ with Mumford and Sons, along with a third song featuring an as-yet-unknown male singer.

In addition, the now 50-year-old star (born Pharrell Lanscilo Williams) has been working on new music for N.E.R.D., the hip-hop rock group her formed in 1999. Having released five full lengths from 2001 to 2017, the musician has been working on “12 N.E.R.D. records” in Paris.

Speaking to Tyler, The Creator for GQ magazine last summer, Pharrell said:

“They’re big choruses, but you know, out of nowhere, I’ll just come out of nowhere with the three-bar, crazy-nuts chords that go three-bar to four-bar to eight-bar. It’s good bro, it’s good.” In comparing the new material to their 2001 debut ‘In Search Of…’, the singer/songwriter insisted he’s getting the same “feeling”. “This is like that feeling that I felt when we made ‘In Search Of…’ I won’t sit here and tell you that they were hits.” “I knew it was different, and I knew there won’t be nothing out there like this. But I’m talking about the feeling.” “I wanted to do everything. I wanted feelings. I wanted the great composition.”

Admitting that he’s been experimenting with chords he’s “never used before,” Williams added “I wanted great chords. I want to use chords I never used before, and not just the dreamy ones.” “The ones that I’ve never done, that I [redacted]’ hated. But using them in ways to get to other chords where the changes are such a release.” “And then, lyrically, the harmonies here… all the songs just have rainbow harmonies.”

What would be the follow-up to their 2017’s ‘No_One Ever Really Dies’ LP, no release date has yet been given for the forthcoming album.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Andreas Meixensperger