Photo: Drew de F Fawkes

Netflix Releases Robbie Williams’ Doc Teaser: Look + Listen

On tap to premiere later this year, a trailer for the four-part documentary series about British pop star Robbie Williams, was just released by Netflix.

Announced during the Edinburgh TV Festival, the docu-series will provide an intimate look at the internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, from his early days as a member of British boy band Take That to his Herculean rise to solo super stardom and his ubiquitous struggles with addiction. To provide an accurate portrait of his almost 30-year career, the episodes utilize archival footage as well as new interviews with Williams

In the teaser clip posted on X (formerly Twitter,) Williams states “The thing that would destroy me has also made me successful. Big. More. Touch the fire. Touch the button. Push when it says pull.” “All of those things have given me my career, but there’s also a detrimental side to it, too.” 

In an interview with a New Zealand radio station, Robbie stated that the series would be “full of sex and drugs and mental illness. I’m more likely than most people to leave everything in. I very rarely, if ever, have said, ‘That’s too much, take it off.’ I normally think that it’s not enough.”

Best known for his work on the Amy Winehouse documentary Amy, the Robbie Williams documentary is being produced by Asif Kadapia,

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Drew de F Fawkes