Photo: Michael Jackson Cannes.jpg: Georges Biard derivative work: Pyrrhus16

Michael Jackson Victims Request Nude Photos

Michael Jackson’s alleged victims have applied to unseal records that contain photos of him with no clothes on.

In March, Wade Robson, now 41, and James Safechuck, now 46, issued a subpoena requesting access to “photographs of Michael Jackson’s genitalia and naked body taken by police.”

At approximately the same time as Jackson was accused by a 13-year-old boy of sexual abuse, in 1993 the photographs in question were taken by police.

As the attorneys for the Jackson estate fight back, the former pop star’s legal team has argued that the “highly sensitive” and “private” documents had been “sealed by a court-entered protective order from the Santa Barbara Superior Court”.

The lawyers went on to call the plaintiffs’ request “an egregious violation” and “simply beyond the pale.” “The photographs Plaintiffs seek were not taken willingly by Mr. Jackson; they were the result of a court-ordered search based on a false statement in what became a discredited criminal investigation.” “To allow Plaintiffs to exploit that series of circumstances to their benefit by obtaining those photographs now adds a second defilement to the first.”

Wade and James Robson accused the King of Pop of sexually abusing them as children in 2013 and 2014 respectively, Both plaintiffs are now suing the deceased singer’s companies, arguing they are liable for allowing the alleged abuse to take place.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Michael Jackson Cannes.jpg: Georges Biard derivative work: Pyrrhus16