Photo: Ronald Woan from Redmond, WA, USA

Meghan Trainor Addresses Panic Attacks

Reflecting on several early life lessons she glommed from her brother, Meghan Trainor discussed seeking help with mental struggles.

Concurrent with the release of her her sixth studio album, the now 30-year-old singer/songwriter has been in the spotlight since 2014 and has now addressed her behind-the-scenes early success battle with personal demons and the help she got from a close family member.

In an interview with culture and mental health magazine Head Above The Clouds, Trainor said:

“I was unfamiliar and uneducated, and most of my family, too.” “I was lucky I found support in my older brother, who had been suffering from this as well and never told anyone. So he told me to go to the ER and accept the support and the medication and he walked me through it.” “I learned from that that I’m going to survive this panic attack, I’m going to live.”

Adding that she tries to infuse the life lessons she learned into her music, Meghan added:

“When I write each song, I try to remember how to talk to myself. When I perform, it’s a kind of therapy where I sing to myself, feel good in my body and love myself.” “It’s the best therapy ever for me. When I saw that All About That Bass had helped so many strangers, I felt like I had my superpower.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Ronald Woan from Redmond, WA, USA