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Kim Petras Enlists Nicki Minaj For ‘Alone’: Look + Listen

The latest single from Kim Petras, ‘Alone’ features a guest verse from Nicki Minaj who introduced the collaboration with “It’s Barbie and it’s Kim Petras,” via TikTok.

In a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Petras said: “It doesn’t feel real still. Her singing ‘It’s Barbie and it’s Kim Petras,’ I cried, I was on the floor and then she calls me Kim Petty in it, which all my friends are like, ‘How do we not come up with that our entire lives?’ So she just changed my life in so many ways with that verse and that verse rips.” “I love her and I’m so inspired by her always, it’s crazy to me. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s just the greatest ever. I’m so happy that she likes the song.”

“I was born and raised in Germany, and that song is a classic in clubs all over Europe, so I grew up to it.” “I had a lot of amazing moments, some bad moments, so many club moments in general to that song, so that song is just in me, and I feel like it inspired me to make music. I’m just so honored that Alice Deejay let us do this shit because it’s epic.”

“We shot the music video together and she was like, ‘Ugh, when I heard the song, I just loved it,’ and that just made so happy.” “I feel like I’ve learned so much. I feel like I love her more. When the camera’s on, it’s crazy. She just goes into full superstar. Not that she’s ever not a superstar, but she just turns it on so effortlessly and it’s amazing to watch, and she was so nice to me and the dancers and everyone and was just really inspiring to see and to watch, and she was super encouraging and we just had a blast, so it was the best thing ever.” 

Produced by Dr. Luke and Rocco Did It Again!, “Alone” features a sample of the 1990 club classic “Better Off Alone” with KIm asking: “I’ve been tryna give it to you all night, what’s it gonna take to get you all alone?”

“Alone” is the latest collaborative release from the first transexual to win a Grammy Award since she teamed up with Sam Smith on “Unholy,” which was also the biggest hit she’d had that didn’t involve Dr. Luke, whose defamation lawsuit against Kesha goes to trial in July.

“I’ve always been a songwriter. Anything I’ve done, I’ve been a big part of writing. I’ve always collaborated with different people and producers,” Petras told Billboard earlier this year. “Luke is the one person people like to pick out and be like, ‘This is obviously who has to write all of this girl’s music because she can’t be talented and that’s a big name.’ But I am here because I’m good at writing, and I do my shit.” 

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Ted Eytan