Photo: Akein O. Brown

Ice Spice Featured In ‘Fisherrr’ Remix: Look + Listen

Cash Cobain and Bay Swag’s original version of “Fisherrr” has added an Ice Spice verse to the remix and the the Bronx-born starlet got sexy on the hypnotic track and video directed by KZA.

Following the lead of the original composition, Ice Spice (born Isis Naija Gaston) addresses Cash’s opening line by rhyming, “Got an attitude but I’m feeling lit, so I ain’t mad at you / And I’m tatted too and it’s fatter too, I’m your baddest boo.” She closes her verse with a callback to her breakout “Munch” hit, rhyming, “I ain’t callin’ you “my boo,” nigga, what you thought? I was feelin’ you?”

Dropped in late February, “Fisherrr” caught a significant buzz when the song went viral and has been paired with New York-based dancer Reem’s Reemskii routine, an arms out, sideways-moving gyration that only an uber-confident New Yorker could pull off. There are short glimpses of the Reemskii in “Fisherrr’s” four-minute video, which splices scenes of Cash and Ice Chinese restaurant New China Garden with all three artists in an abandoned lot surrounded by a crowd of fellow New York somebodies and a couple of luxury cars. 

About the remix, cash said “It’s a beautiful record. It feels amazing.” “It feels like NYC is back stronger than ever with me and Spice — two Bronx legends. Get ready for the song of the summer.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Akein O. Brown