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Halsey Teases Forthcoming Album

Taking to her Instagram account, Halsey shared a selection of pictures with a caption about her potential fifth LP, that read “Not pictured: me splitting myself in two every day so that I can give you my deepest wounds (and a handful of perfect joys) for the 5th time in 10 years.”

Now 28 years old the musican – who uses the pronouns she /they – previously stated that any new music would feature “no strict genre parameters”.

Speaking previously to fans, the singer/songwriter said:

“As of right now I’m approaching it kinda how I approached ‘Manic’. No strict genre parameters or anything. Just making what feels good and what hits home 🙂 “definitely some of my best songwriting”. “a lot of life has happened to me since I wrote [‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’]”.

After parting ways with Capitol Records earlier this year, the artist (born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane) signed a new deal with Columbia Records

In a statement Variety, Halsey said at the time “After eight great years the decision to leave Capitol is bittersweet, but we are excited about exploring a new partnership and sharing new music with fans.”

The label followed with “Everyone at Capitol poured their hearts and souls into helping Halsey achieve their dreams and present their music to the world.” “We are incredibly proud of all we accomplished together and wish Halsey the very best in all their future endeavors.”

While no actual reason for the separation from Capitol’s Astralwerks imprint was given, the artist and the label got into a dispute about the song ‘So Good’, when the record company allegedly wanted the track to go viral on TikTok before its formal release.

Halsey later shared a clip of the track on the video-sharing app and said: “After a tremendous amount of f*** s***, ‘So Good’ is finally coming out June 9th. Video dropping the next day. And now I can go back to using TikTok for my real plan: Using witchcraft to take over the world.” “Thanks for keeping up with this fiasco.” “Hope you love the song.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo; Nicole Alexander