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German Singer/Producer Frank Farian: Dead At 82

At the age of 82, legendary German singer and record producer Frank Farian passed away peacefully in his Miami, Florida home.

Famous for his involvement with Boney M among other acts, Farian’s death comes two years after he had a pig heart valve implant. Speaking to Bild magazine in 2022, the musician said of the life-saving treatment: “My heart valve works wonderfully.” “Mick Jagger also received exactly the same heart valve. I have a good pig in me! And I’m very grateful for that.” And about the medication he was given, Frank added “This is a similar active ingredient to Viagra and has a nice side effect. But to be honest, I’m not thinking about sex at all at the moment. Today I enjoy a good meal and am just happy that I’m still alive.”

Unfortunately, however, the European born singer/producer’s health deteriorated over time. He ultimately became wheelchair-bound, required additional support for his lungs to help him breathe, and also had difficulty speaking.

Now 69, his ex-partner, Ingrid ‘Milli’ Segieth had recently visited him and told Bild that in his final days he was “physically very weak, but was still full of energy.” “He was still sitting in the recording studio all day, working on new music.”

Spanning more than sixty years, Farian sold more than 850,000,000 records, and in addition to the 1970s disco-pop group Boney M, he founded the Latin pop band No Mercy and Milli Vanilli.

Farian was caught up in controversy and legal troubles with Milli Vanilli when the duo lip-synced at the Grammy Awards in 1990 subsequent to which more than 26 lawsuits filed in the United States under consumer fraud protection laws.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Natraj