Ed Sheeran
Photo (Cropped): Harald Krichel

Ed Sheeran Demonstrates How He Recorded ‘Bad Habits’: Watch + Listen

If you’re one of the millions-upon-millions of Ed Sheeran fans throughout the world chances are you’ll love his video tutorial on how he records his music.

Demonstrating his process of performing a song using a loop machine is nothing short of incredible and now the Atlantic Records artist took to social media to explain exactly how he recorded his current hit single, ‘Bad Habits’ using a one-man-band loop pedal.

The singer introduced his trick on TikTok and began by saying, “So this is how I create ‘Bad Habits’ live on a loop station.”


Here’s how I use my loop pedal to perform Bad Habits x

♬ Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran

His first solo single in more than three years, ‘Bad Habits’ was released to rave reviews along with an atypical dark video that only adds to the mystery behind this rather interesting composition.

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Author: Brad LeBeau

Photo (Cropped): Harald Krichel