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Donny Osmond Wants To Collaborate With Justin Bieber

Legendary boy band frontman Donny Osmond wants to collaborate with contemporary pop star Justin Bieber.

The now 65-year-old singer who first found fame in the 1970s with his family group The Osmonds and recognized his first solo success at 14 would like northing more than to work with former child star Bieber on a new single.

In a recent UK interview, Donny told The Sunday Mirror newspaper:

“I’d love to do something with Justin because of the similarities between our two careers. But that all depends on whether the planets align.”

Osmond had previously discussed the perils of show business for youngsters, stating:

“It all depends on the parents. I started at five and I think I handled it well. But I had a great family. It’s a treacherous world if you just throw your child out there and let him go about his own business without any restrictions. It messes with a kid’s head.”

Bieber, now 29, recently sold all of his publishing rights and artist royalties from his master recordings to Hipgnosis Songs Capital, with his manager, Scooter Braun, stating:

“I want to thank Merck and his entire Hipgnosis team and all of our partners involved for working so hard to make this historic deal happen.” “When Justin made the decision to make a deal we quickly found the best partner to preserve and grow this amazing legacy was Merck and Hipgnosis.” “For over a decade now Justin Bieber has entertained us and moved us with some of the biggest songs in the world. I’m so proud of him and all those involved over the years in helping amass this incredible body of work. “Justin is truly a once in a generation artist and that is reflected and acknowledged by the magnitude of this deal. “For 15 years I have been grateful to witness this journey and today I am happy for all those involved. Justin’s greatness is just beginning.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Alan Light