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Dolly Parton Goes To Bed In Full Makeup

While most individuals remove their makeup before bedtime, Dolly Parton has a totally different philosophy.

In a recent interview, the now 75-year-old musician/actress does not believe in cleaning her face before sleep — but it is not due to laziness. Based on an intriguing rationale for keeping her full face “on” through the late night and beyond. “I do all my beauty work and cleanse my face in the morning because I prefer to sleep with my makeup on,” the “Jolene” singer confessed in a Monday, May 31 chat with a popular news mag. “Because I never know when an earthquake, tornado, or storm will strike and I’ll have to go out in the middle of the night!”

The threat of a natural calamity is not the only reason the famous singer/songwriter sleeps with her makeup on as she admits to dressing up for her husband Carl Thomas Dean, with whom she’s married since 1966. “I prefer not to return home and completely demolish everything, because my poor husband has to look at me,” she told the publication. Rather than that, she waits until “around 3 a.m.” to wash her face and “start all over again.” However, her cosmetics bag is hardly brimming with extravagant makeup as her prefers brands are from the pharmacy. “I rely heavily on Maybelline products and have worn Max Factor’s Panstik makeup for the majority of my adult life. I’m having to order it from several sources since I’m unable to locate it,” she explained.

When Dolly plans a night out on the town or a performance, she always ups the ante. “If I’m going out at night, I’ll simply add a little more shadow, glitter, or a brighter or redder lipstick. I’m so accustomed to doing my own makeup and hair that I’m rather excellent at it.” While many admirers refer to Parton’s trademark cherry red lips as a source of beauty inspiration, the “9 to 5” singer received style cues from someone in her birthplace of Locust Ridge, Tennessee. “My own exaggerated appearance stemmed from a serious source I’ve frequently discussed: the town tramp in our small country town. They referred to her as garbage, but I thought she was really beautiful,” she stated. Parton said, “She wore vibrant patchwork skirts and feminine blouses that revealed a little cleavage, and she wore red nails, piled-up blonde hair, red lipstick, and high heels.” “She was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen. When everyone said, ‘Oh, she’s just trash,’ I said, ‘Well, garbage is exactly what I’m going to grow up to be.'”

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Author: Luke Traina

Photo: Eva Rinaldi