Diana Ross
Photo: Motown/Universal Music

Diana Ross Pays Tribute To Designer Thierry Mugler Who Died at 73

Diana Ross and her daughter Tracee Ellis Ross have paid tribute to French fashion designer (Manfred) Thierry Mugler following his death on Sunday in Paris at the age of 73.

Writing, “I will miss you Thierry Mugler this was a wonderful time in our lives,” Ms Ross took to Twitter and shared a throwback photo of them at a fashion event. And her daughter, Tracee, shared videos clips of her walking the runway in a Mugler presentation with her mother in 1991 and again on her own in 1992, writing:

“I desperately wanted to be a model. But, Super Model-dom was way out of my reach until my mother got a phone call from the incredible @manfredthierrymugler. My mother agreed to walk in the show as long as they allowed me to model in the show as well. My 18th birthday present: I GOT TO WALK IN THE BUTTERFLY SHOW,” “He was a true dreamer….he designed for a future where women were in charge and on top. His clothes were sculptural, sexy and fierce. I remember him as joyous and beautiful. He loved my mother. And allowed me to take part in his incredible world. What an honor it is to have a small piece history with a true fashion icon.” 

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Motown/Universal Music