Photo: Mark Lebon (photographer). Distributed by Epic Records.

Culture Club To Pay $2.15M To Former Band Member

The end result of their ongoing High Court battle is that Boy George and his Culture Club bandmates have been ordered to pay $2,150,000 to former band member Jon Moss.

In 2022, Moss, a founding member of the legendary 80s hitmakers, alleged that the 61-year-old lead singer/songwriter, guitarist Roy Hay, now 61, and bassist Michael Craig, also 63, had defrauded him out of $246,000 after being removed from the group by their manager in 2018.

Under the contract he signed for their ‘Life Tour,’ Moss claimed he was owed the “outstanding balance” and that each band member would receive a fee of $600,000 for up to 80 concerts.

Moss stated that his legal costs amounted to $1,000,000.00+ and accused the trio of being “determined to keep (him) out of sums to which he is entitled, reflecting decades of service for the band, for as long as possible.”

In response to the suit, Culture Club was scheduled for a six-day trial next week to establish how much the act has profited and how much Moss was owed. On Tuesday (3.21,) however, it was determined by the court that the pop act will have to pay their former drummer.

Moss starred in the band for 37 years, and previously claimed that he was responsible for the Culture Club name, stating “It was Caravan Club and then it was something unmentionable. Then I came up with Culture Club because of all the different people in the band.”

At the height of Culture Club’s success in the 1980s Moss and George (born George O’Dowd) embarked on a romantic relationship, and though their romance was kept secret at the time, it ended in 1986 just before the group broke up.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Mark Lebon (photographer). Distributed by Epic Records.