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Animal Collective Contribute ‘Crucible’ To Soundtrack

As part of the forthcoming score for Elegance Bratton’s semi-autobiographical film, The Inspection, the Animal Collective released their new song, “Crucible.”

An ethereal tune, with Animal Collective’s distinct harmonies atop a sensitive mix of organ and piano, the group’s Avey Tare said in a statement “I wanted us to conjure the feeling of being strong but also showing vulnerability.” “The desire to ask a community or a loved one to have your back and support you and the expectation that it will happen.”

Inspired by Bratton’s own life, The Inspection, tells the story of a young, gay, Black man named Ellis French (played by Jeremy Pope), who joins the Marines in order to provide for himself after being cast out by his family. The film follows his experience in boot camp, where he contends with the rigors of basic training and brutal hazing over his sexuality while slowly finding some semblance of community and camaraderie. 

In a statement about why Animal Collective was the perfect band to compose the score for The Inspection, Bratton explained “We wanted to create the right rhythms to blur the line between what French thinks is real and what is really happening. So those fantasy sequences could serve as the evolution of French’s inner life. In essence, we wanted to create a sense of the stir craziness of the monotony of boot camp, juxtaposed with the massive transformation Ellis French undergoes. Animal Collective provides the perfect backdrop to shrink and expand the time according to the emotion.”

The Inspection soundtrack will be released on 11.18 the same day the film will be screening in New York and Los Angeles theaters before its 12.02 nationwide release.

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Author: Al Denté

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