Wyclef Jean
Courtesy Photo

Wyclef Jean Enters the Cannabis Industry

Joining the ranks of Drake, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and More, Wyclef Jean has now entered the legal cannabis industry, complete with a large offering of products.

Cali Life Cannabis announced this week that they’ve partnered with the artist and producer for his BOOM BAP collection that promises to show off his favorite blends of flowers, kief-infused pre-rolls and even flavored distillate.

“Experiencing the American dream as an immigrant and son of a preacher who was also a farmer has inspired me to become a social entrepreneur,” Jean said in a recent interview. “I am glad I waited to partner up with Cali Life. Not only will we bring more jobs, which I am excited about, I am also hopeful that maybe my native land and the parliament will someday pass legislation so Haiti can grow and export cannabis. For now, just be clear, whenever you see that BOOMBAP Kush, you know it’s me!”

To celebrate his announcement, Wyclef Jean took the stage at WEEDCon Hollywood Expo on Thursday, January 23rd, joining more than 80 cannabis vendors and special guests – including David Crosby, who judged the WEEDCon Buyers Cup awards.

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