Though he couldn’t host his this years Farm Aid concert live last week, Willie Nelson still put on a show and raised thousands of dollars for farmers affected by the Corona Virus.

Along with his sons, Lukas and Micah, NelsonNelson hosted and performed the hour-long live event on April 11th, titled At Home With Farm Aid. Through a partnership with AXS TV, the event featured at-home performances from Farm Aid co-founders Neil Young and John Mellencamp, along with board member Dave Matthews.

While the event was free to watch, Farm Aid received donations from all 50 states, and 15 countries totaling more than $500,000. The organization will use the money to offer family farmers and ranchers in need with emergency grants, as well as legal, financial and mental health support services through its 1-800-FARM-AID hotline.

“The coronavirus has disrupted our entire country and is a grave threat to all of us. One of its many impacts is that it has helped us to better see the value of essential people like healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, delivery truck drivers, and farmers and ranchers,” Nelson said in a statement. “Farm Aid has worked for 35 years to build a family farm centered agricultural system, and we are here now to support farmers and ranchers in this crisis, without whom we could not eat. The time to build a resilient family farm food system is now!”

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Photo: Bob Tilden