Valerie Broussard
Valerie Broussard + Galantis' 'Roots' Jumps Into #25* Spot on Billboard's Dance Chart

Valerie Broussard + Galantis’ ‘Roots’ Jumps Into #25* Spot on Billboard’s Dance Chart

Following weeks of solid moves, Valerie Broussard and Galantis‘ formidable creation “Roots” has landed the #25* position on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. With this placement, the Palm Tree Crew and RCA joint release finds itself in the top half of the Top 50 survey.

Quickly after its drop, the catchy record gained remixes courtesy of seasoned DJ/producers Marc Stout & Tony Arzadon who built on the energy of the original. Also recently joining the mix are new takes by NYC club culture veteran James Capelonga. Together, the batch of fresh offerings have aided “Roots'” fast journey up the Billboard chart.

The song’s first edition finds Broussard singing “We could put some roots down/ All I want is you now/ You know I’m done, you know I’m done running/ I’m just thinking out loud/ Trying out a new start/ You and I got, you and I got something” – trying to persuade her partner to grow the relationship they’ve planted. The Swedish artist duo accentuates the vocal content by providing a hope-instilling base instrumental that evolves into a drop that fans of Galantis find pleasantly familiar. Give this week’s #25* recording on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, “Roots” a listen below.

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