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UK Packed With Illegal Raves Before Second Government Lockdown

In response to the October 31st decision by the UK government to lock down again following COVID-19 spikes, illegal raves have popped up in massive numbers throughout the country.

Police have recently responded to calls of illegal parties and warehouse raves throughout the United Kingdom, not only shutting down gatherings of several hundred attendees in Cheshire, London, Essex, and Bristol, but also being met with physical violence from attendees during the process. Police in Cheshire had their tires slashed while stopping a party at an abandoned farm, while officers of Avon and Somerset arriving to a rave on the outskirts of Bristol were pelted with dangerous objects.

The aforementioned precincts released a statement: 

“Police are dealing with an unlicensed music event attended by hundreds of people in South Gloucestershire. At about 10.35 p.m. we received a call alerting us to the event at a warehouse in Yate. Officers arrived within 12 minutes and found the event underway.

Roads were closed to prevent more people reaching the site by car but large numbers of people continued to arrive on foot from several different directions. Items, including lit spray cans and bottles, were thrown at police. Some officers were injured but remained on duty.”

While the violence is condemned, the want to rebel against the lockdowns, beginning November 5th, is shared by many, as the economic and social repercussions of such measures have proven to be devastating around the world.

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Photo: pat00139