UK Government Lifts Quarantine Period For Artists Entering Country

As the world’s music and entertainment industry had been decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic, some countries are attempting to make it easier for artists to practice their craft.

In the United Kingdom’s latest move to support the music industry, the country has issued new rules surrounding their quarantine period upon arrival. As of December 5th, performing artists or those traveling for business will not have to self-isolate if entering the UK from a high-risk country. This move represents a seismic switch from the waiting periods many countries have put in place to help mitigate the virus spread.

While restrictions remain in place for others traveling from high-risk countries with a 14-day quarantine in effect, under the ruling by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, performing artists will need to be certified by The Arts Council to bypass the restriction. These announcements come in the midst of the CDC’s changing guidance on quarantine periods, which is anticipated to be lessened to five days beginning December 15th.

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Photo: demxx