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Tower Records Returns As An Online Retailer

After filing for bankruptcy and closing all of its physical U.S. locations in 2006, the iconic music retailer, Tower Records, has returned as an online store.

The legendary music chain had originally scheduled the relaunch to coincide with this year’s South by Southwest March conference but was forced to postpone due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Now up and running, in addition to selling music and merchandise, the new Tower Records website also features online music performances and the return of the company’s Tower Pulse! magazine. In addition to reviving its virtual space, Tower Records also plans to open a series of pop-up shops in the area.

Tower Records CEO Danny Zeijdel says of the music chain’s relaunch “has been met with tremendous success, feedback. A lot of people are so happy taking pictures of when they receive an order from Tower Records, posting it on Instagram.”

Founded by Russ Solomon in Sacramento in 1960, Tower Records revolutionized music retailing until digital music took over the industry. The business’s rise and fall was documented in the 2015 film All Things Must Pass, which was narrated by Solomon, who died in 2018 at the age or 92.

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Photo: d double u