Tove Lo

Tove Lo Walks Listeners Through A Love Affair In ‘Are U Gonna Tell Her?’ Video: Watch

Tove Lo is taking her song “Are U Gonna Tell Her?” to another level as she just dropped the music video for the steamy production.

The Swedish singer’s Universal Music-released visual effort follows two unsuspecting lovers during their explosive and exciting escapade in a quaint São Paulo, Brazil, restaurant. The characters eye each other from across the room before breaking out into full dance routines with and for each other.

Brazilian artist/rapper MC Zaac provides some vocals, noting that “tension is building with drinks” and illustrating the power of the pair’s connection: “boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.” Tove Lo goes deeper and sings “Our bodies tangled tight in the purple light/ We’re making love pass time, we look so damn good tonight/ And Sunday’s shining in, feel the shame coming/ You don’t belong to me/ Are you gonna tell her?” Check out the heated visual for “Are U Gonna Tell Her?” here.

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Photo: thecomeupshow