According to Germany’s Apple Books division, Tim Bergling – The Official Biography will become available on November 2nd, 2021.

The formal biography’s delivery date caps off speculation about when the written record of the beloved deejay/producer/artist’s life would come to light. The highly-anticipated book was first announced in 2019, at which time Swedish journalist Måns Mosesson was identified as the author to the official biography that was originally expected to hit shelves in 2020.

Described by the publisher as “the sound of a generation-the book of a generation,” The Official Biography is focused on both Avicii’s successes as well as the circumstances that led to his tragic and untimely 2018 suicidal death. Måns Mosseson is expected to go “in search of clues in talks with close friends, family members, and companions and tell the whole story of [Avicii’s] eventful life for the first time,” painting an “honest and sensitive portrait of one of the world’s most popular stars of our time, who shaped an entire generation.”

All proceeds from the biography will benefit the Tim Bergling Foundation, a charity established by Avicii’s parents to help those struggling with mental health issues and support suicide prevention. Visit the text’s Germany Apple Books page for more information on the upcoming publication.

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Photo: M_Hartman Photography